Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Stadio dei Marmi (2) male athlete mosaics from the Physical Academy

The Academy of Physical Education, in Rome (Italy),  was built almost a century ago. It is now the seat of CONI, the Italian Olympic Committee. It is located close to the Stadio Dei Marmi. So the students could exercise and train just next to it. It contains a covered swimming pool, previous class buildings, pathways, etc. The School became the most important center for the training of the male leadership of the Youth organisations under Mussolini era.

Some of the lithostratos (in Greek 'covered in stone' or paths in stone' or 'pavement' or 'pathways') from the obelisk to the Stadio dei Marmi is made in black and white mosaic ('tesseras' in Italian) representing athlètes performing various sports.

Most of them have been executed by Angelo Canevari (1901-1955) who did himself the drawings, with the help of painters.

 In the covered swimming pool, he also designed the colored mosaics and large wall paintings.