Friday, March 17, 2017

To Honor Surfing

This month is a contemporary sculpture, a male surfer, large 18-foot bronze sculpture located in California, at Lighthouse Point, near the Santa Cruz surfing Museum. It was installed almost 25 years ago, in May 1992, with the title 'To Honor Surfing'.
The surfer sculpture was made by Tom Marsh, and the base by Brian Curtis.

Photo JerylG

Photo Kyrsti S
Photo Gormon Jones
The plaque at the base indicates :

"This monument is dedicated to all surfers - past, present, and future. The inspiration came from members of the Santa Cruz Surfing Club, founded in 1936. The fulfillment of this dream was the work of numerous citizens who recognize the significance of surfing within our community. Santa Cruz Museum Association - Surfing Sculpture Committee - 1992"  

Hal Goody wrote a very interesting article about the Santa Cruz Surfing club history back in 1936, the Hawaian first visitors, teaching local teenagers, etc. Don't miss it (link in 'Sources' below).  
He ends his article with this :  'In 1992, based on an inspiration of some of the original club members, a surfing sculpture monument was erected on West Cliff Drive at Pelton Avenue. It is dedicated to all surfers, past, present, and future.'

I discovered this sculpture thanks to the picture below published last month in the blog Les Diagonales du Temps.

Photo Chris Hunkeler

Collage - Photo Chris Hunkeler

Photo Kysrti S

Sources :
Brian Curtis website
Thomas Marsh website
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Santa Cruz history
Santa Cruz, California
A dramatic cliff face south of Santa Cruz leads to the old brick lighthouse (which houses the Surfing Museum). Along the way, overlooking a prime surfing spot, are a couple of monuments to the sport. The "official" surfing monument was commissioned and dedicated in 1992. Titled "To Honor Surfing," the bronze of a male surfer standing in front of his board was created by sculptors Brian W. Curtis and Thomas Marsh.
A nearby plaque notes that the tiny park and statue is "dedicated to all surfers, past present and future." The figure was inspired by members of the Santa Cruz Surfing Club, which dates back to 1936.
A wooden park bench faces the statue and ocean, with this carved into the back rest: "In Memory of All Surfers Who Have Caught Their Last Wave -- Santa Cruz Surfing Club."
That cheery send-off has more context if you continue south to the unofficial Dead Surfers Memorial...
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