Sunday, July 19, 2015

Adam... by Tullio Lombardo : a stunning restoration project

Today's technology can do miracles to repair broken art pieces, like what happened to the Italian Renaissance masterpiece 'Adam' from Tullio Lombardo, in 2002. Indeed the wood base of the sculpture broke one night, and the sculpture exploded in 28 large pieces together with hundreds of smaller ones. It took 12 years to restore this life-size marble sculpture.

Tullio Lombardo (1455-1532) sculpted this Adam, with his father and brother, as part of the Venetian Doge Andrea Verdamin's tomb, around 1490. The Lombardo family was famous and sculpted several chrches and tombs.

A new sculpture gallery was created to unveil the restoration result, and to display other Venetian and Northern Italy sculptures.                             

Various videos (see below) show us the complex techniques used by the Metropolitan Museum experts to master that restoration project, and the time-lapse video is impressive!

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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Male art & gay art collector's interview 1 - Ivan & Florent

This Summer, you will discover some portraits in the form of short interviews (10 questions) of male art collectors. We will start with Ivan & Florent, young gay couple living in Bordeaux, fabulous port city in the South West of France.

If you would like to share your experiences in collecting male art, feel free to contact us!

Q.1 Could you tell us why you appreciate male art, and if you have a preferred medium ?

I&F : We appreciate that art because of the male nudity, his expressed strength, and sensuality, and also his ambiguity. Sculpture is the medium that represents the best these criteria, both on a tactile and visual point of view. Photography and painting are also two interesting media to express or transmit all these sensations.

Q.2 Among the art pieces you purchased, could you describe one or two ?

I&F : A sculpture in bronze, representing two men, lying on a bed, huddling together, one in peace, the other one protective. And last acquisition : a stunning bronze table, showing three naked men, back to back, with busts leaning forward, and their feet behind, as if walking.

Q.3 Do these pieces have a link, or similarity ?

I&F : They both represent the male strength, his masculinity, but also his fragility.

Q.4  Which is your favourite ?

I&F : A bronze sculpture acquired in St Martin, that we are now fixing on a frame, and that will remind us unique moments.

Q.5 What were the elements that triggered your acquisition ?

I&F : We both had a common crush on it, and we always function that way for art.

Q.6 Is there a male art piece that gave you a very strong feeling or emotion ?

I&F : Yes, a painting, a nude man giving the baton relay to another nude man. Because it shows the continuity of life towards the infinity, and also the transmission.

Q.7 Is there an artist who made a deep impression, or left his mark on you ?

I&F : The only artist we met is J-Chris in St Martin. He impressed us with his passion, and his way to look at male art.

Q.8 Is is (still) difficult to display male art in your home ?

I&F : We do not give the choice. People do like us because who we are. They need to appreciate us also inside our home! The art pieces present in our home represent us, and give even better hints about our personality. Today, male art is not linked anymore to the 'obscene'.  Like female art, it is getting closer and closer from a full acceptance of gender.

Q.9 What would be a piece of male art you would love to see ?

I&F : We would love to acquire a very 'rough' piece, not polished, not structured, who could leave lots of space to ambiguity and allowing each of us a full imagination.
Q.10 What are the ways you use to be aware of male art various expressions ?

I&F : Mainly the web, and some magazines.
Thank you Ivan & Florent!
If you would like to share your experiences in collecting male art, feel free to contact us!