Thursday, November 22, 2018

Your Daily Male 2019 calendar : selection of male sculptures

The Groningen-based Galerie Mooiman, specialized in male art, and already mentioned in this blog (see here), just released his Daily Male 2019 calendar filled with artworks from 52 artists, and this time with 7 sculptors among them. All these artists concentrate their work on the male (nude) beauty and body. I am honored to be part of this group.

This Dutch art gallery is among the very few in Europe specializing in gay artists, editing books about some of these artists, organizing unique exhibitions (like the current one about the Diego Tolomelli stained-glass & playing cards project), and promoting gay male art in general.

Here are some works of 6 of these sculptors : Ivo Blanck, Dennis Coenraad, Antoine Timmermans, OK van Botenburg, Marcel Julius Joosen and Keith King.

Ivo Blanck

Dennis Coenraad

Antoine Timmermans

OK van Batenburg

Marcel Julius Joosen

Keith King


Galerie Mooi-Man Male art gallery
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Diego Tolomelli erotic stained glass
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