Saturday, May 26, 2018

Hendrik Christian Andersen

Hendrik Christian Andersen is a Norwegian/American sculptor, who often depicts muscular characters, and naked males. He got additional fame with his loving relationship with the American writer Henry James.

The love letters that he received from the novellist have been published and testify their beautiful love. He met him in 1899, when aged 27. A loving relationship which will only end when Henry James died in 1916.

Hendrik Christian childhood was spent in Rhode island, as a young immigrant who arrived with his parents. He then moved to Rome at the age of 21. He was convinced that art is one of the best way to inspire perfection, peace and harmony among people, and he sculpted and draw projects with that in mind. He was also a writer and urban planner.

Andersen died in Rome in 1940.

The museum in Rome is actually his previous beautiful home, the Palazzo Mancini, containing his work (close to 400 art pieces). The museum also displays maps, maquettes and planned sculptures for his dream : a 'World Arts city' he imagined for a Greek island with his friend and partner, the poet and aviator Guido Keller. But the project was stopped when Keller died in 1929. Other sources mention the 'World Communication Center', focussed on art, science and sports, to be possibly located in Belgium or Swizerland. Some say it was to be built in the South of Rome. The mystery remains...