Thursday, January 21, 2016

Achille & Patrocle (3) in contemporary sculpture & other art

To start 2016, lets continue with our famous loving couple of Achille & Patrocle! And lets have a look at how this love was expressed in more recent time. In terms of sculpture, or more precisely bas-relief,  there is one portraying Achille & Patrocle, sculpted by Bertel Thorvaldsen (1770-1844).

And for the pleasure of the eyes, some more bas reliefs from Thorvaldsen with Achille! Like below, called Briseis and Achille.
And this one, called Chiron and Achilles, was done in plaster initially, around 1888-1990. The centaur Chiron, half man half horse, teached medicine to Aesculapius, and Achille learned to play the lyre from him.  

And the last sculpted bas-relief selected from Thorvaldsen is Priam who pleads with Achille for Hector's body.
Bertel Thorvaldsen did also some drawings, like the one below showing Chiron teaching the young Achille in archery.

In more contemporary sculptures, I have found this one made by SERRA, 'Achille & Patrocle'.

And also this one, entitled Achille crying Patrocle death, sculpted by Guy van den Steen (1906-1999), which sit on one side of the entrance of his previous castle of Jehay, near Liège (Belgium), castle now sold to the city of Liege.

In terms of painting, and to end with the 20th century, here is one from the American painter David Ligare, done in 1986. 'Achille and the body of Patrocle'.

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