Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Antinous (5) Exhibitions & links

In 2012, the Villa Hadriana in Tivoli (Rome) organized the exhibition called 'Il Fascino della Bellezza' (Antinous, captivated by beauty). Catalogue available at IbsIt.

Previously, other exhibitions included :

In England, at the Henry Moore Foundation : 'Antinous: the Face of the Antique'
Exhibition 24th May 2006 - 26th August 2006. Catalogue available on Amazon.

In Berlin, in 2005, at the Pergamon Museum, 'Geliebter und Gott' (Lover and God).
Catalogue available at WorldCat.

Still in England, at the British Museum, 'Hadrian Empire & Conflict.
24 July - 26 October, 2008. Catalogue available on Amazon.

Some links :
Among the dozens of websites or blogs telling the love story between Antinoüs and Hadrien, or related to the arts and architecture projects from Hadrien era, here is a few:
Antinoos info and the virtual museum displays a comprehensive collection of Antinoüs portraits, paintings, sculptures etc. sorted by country and town.
The Farnèse collection from the Archeological Museum of Naples is well described here by Auror art & soul.
The online database of ancient art allows extensive search by artist or period.
The artist and designer John Coultart in his feuilleton listed some of the exhibitions about Antinoüs.