Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A few male sculptures from the Paris Opera Garnier (1) Gabriel Jules Thomas

The beautiful Opera Garnier in Paris gives us the opportunity to share a few sculptures from both the inside and outside of this outstanding building, among the hundreds available. You can visit this Opera House in detail, and in person, or even online ! Check this Opera Garnier website link.
Today, lets have a look at some outside sculptures from Gabriel Jules Thomas (1824-1905), who was a French sculptor, winner of the Prix de Rome.
A more detailed (French) biography by Nella Buscot can be seen here.

His 'La Renommée et l'Etude' bronze sculpture was made in 1903, to honor the architect Charles Garnier. Located on the West side, previously the entrance of the Chief of State, it is today the visitor's entrance.
'L'Etude et la Renommée' by GJ Thomas (detail - here 'L'Etude')

West side of Opera Garnier - 'L'Etude et la Renommée' sculpture - photo cergyrama

 (The bust of Charles Garnier above the two naked men was sculpted by Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux).

La Renommée (detail)