Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Philippe Farault

Philippe Farault masters human anatomy. And teaches it, or more precisely teaches portrait sculpture.
His technical ability in portraiture in clay is amazing, as he can quickly transform a face through all periods of life, or with some changes go from one ethnic group to the next one.
La Nuit des Temps - Bronze - 2003

La Nuit des Temps

He is passionate about sharing his research and techniques to his students, through his master classes in Europe and in the USA. Philippe also won awards in stone sculpture, and did several monumental pieces in marble.

Here are some other examples of male portraits from his hundreds of sculptures. They are usually in water-based clay, but Philippe also likes marble.

If portrait sculpture is of interest to you, check the links below as Philippe has created a large set of books, dvds, even tools for portraiture in clay.
His Facebook page
His website