Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Jean Thiancourt

Jean Thiancourt is a French sculptor, as talented as he is discreet. He initiated a gigantic project, to sculpt the 20 Ignudi from Michel Angelo's Sixtine Chapel. This may remind you as well Patrick Poivre de la Freta similar project. The size of Jean Thiancourt Ignudi sculptures is larger though.


Among the other sculptures from Jean Thiancourt subjectively selected for this blog, there is this one, part of a serie of 3 characters, seated in various areas of the Port-sur-Saone town in France. Each character has a different ethnic origin (African, European, and Asian). They symbolize the fraternity and tolerance that should exist between all people on earth.

And this one that I like also.

If you want to see his other sculptures, I invite you to browse his blog and website, mentioned below.

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