Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ganymède, the cutest youg man on Earth (3) and contemporary media

Ganymede rapt has been depicted in many contemporary design, has been used as cover of books, in advertising, on lithographs etc. Here is a short selection.

Below is the Budweiser advertising of 1906, based on the engraving from the German illustrator Frank Kirchbach (1892).

Kenneth G. Kendall, from USA, was a sculptor and painter. He did some lithographs.
As he was also an actor in Hollywood, he used another actor, Steve Reeves, as model to do his Ganymede rapt drawing and lithograph seen below, in 1952.

Pierre & Gilles, famous artists from Paris, France, whose work has recently (Sept 2013-Jan 2014) been depicted, among others, during the Male art exhibition 'Masculin - Masculin' in the Orsay Museum, have created a serie of 3 drawings/paintings illustrating Ganymede's myth, as seen below.
(And it is also one of their work 'Mercure' which was choosen as the exhibition catalogue main cover illustration.) 

Pierre & Gilles website with their work, exhibitions etc. can be seen here.
In the USA, Philip Gladstone, illustrator and sculptor from Philadelphia, created the below 'rapt from Ganymede' in 2006. His website is here.