Wednesday, May 21, 2014

St Sebastien, gay icon (3) in contemporary paintings, photographs, stained glass etc.

Today, ie during 20th & 21st century, Sebastien's portrays continue to show him often in a kind of submissive, young muscular body. Look at some photographs from F. Holland Day (USA), who imagined the martyr based on working-class youths, and those of David Vance, von Gloeden, Mishima.

F Holland Day
David Vance

Wilhem von Gloeden

Yukio Mishima
And the illustration for the movie Sebastiane by Derek Jarman, in which the only language spoken is latin.

Also the paintings from Odilon Redon and Gustave Moreau (France), Anto Carte below.

Odilon Redon
Gustave Moreau

Gustave Moreau
Anto Carte (1886 1954) c.1934
Interesting are the works of Salvador Dali, Egon Schiele, Keith Haring...

Salvador Dali
Egon Schiele - Self portrait as St Sébastien 1915 Vienna Austria

Keith Haring
And the other various contemporary artists that you can see below also contributed to make St Sébastien a real gay icon.
Soungouroff (1911-1982) c. 1947

Demard Philippe (1959- ) French.

Diego Tolomelli, Italian artist, has created many religious stained-glass works, and also many homoerotic subjects, including the below St Sébastien. Last month, the Dutch art gallery Mooiman, mentioned previously on this blog, displayed a full exhibition about these homoerotic stained-lass works, mainly young men, some embracing passionately. The Avocate interviewed him last month.

Diego Tolomelli aka Iko

Ernesto Lozano (Mexico)

Kinu Sekigushi (France)

Maurice Heerdinck (Dutch)

Peter Colstee (Dutch) 1991

Alfred Courmes (1898-1993) French painter
In this selection, lets not forget Pierre et Gilles, the famous French artists (each piece is a unique painted large photograph) who created a serie of St Sébastien (6 of them are below). One of them also appeared on the cover of the recent exhibition catalogue 'Masculin Masculin' in Paris.


Pierre & Gilles artists in front of one of their St Sébastien.  (retrospective in Berlin, Germany).

Some more artists representations of St Sébastien.

Sadao Hasegawa
Sven de Rennes
In the next post, and to close this chapter, we will see some contemporary sculptures of St Sébastien.

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