Wednesday, May 28, 2014

St Sebastien, gay icon (4) in contemporary sculptures

To close this chapter on the art représentations of St Sébastien as a gay icon, here are a few more contemporary sculptures, ie after the Renaissance period.

Alexandre Louis Charpentier (French) late 19th century, Bronze. Metropolitan Museum NYC, USA.

Damien Hirst, British artist, created his work entitled 'St Sébastien - Exquisite pain' in 2007. Here is the Damien Hirst website.

Damien Hirst
Marcel Julius Joosen, Dutch artist already mentioned on this blog, and born in 1943, he did this first plaster sculpture in 1992.

And the following one.

Marcel Julius Joosen
The next two sculptures are from Marc Alberghina, French contemporary artist, who spends lots of time fighting against mass art production with cheap material or clay and poorly done.

St Sébastian 1 - 2012 - Enameled faience

St Sébastian 2 - 2012 - Enameled faience

Michael Richards (Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Canada)
Italian family near Lucca, Italy (Catholic Store)
Steven Beyer

Thierry Delorme 

Misztal Tomasz
David Pelletier - Bronze - 2002
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