Monday, December 28, 2015

Achille & Patrocle (2) in other art - ancient

In terms of other art from the past, there is a famous vase, showing Achille caring the wounded Patrocle. The vase is reportedly painted by Sosias (500 AC) and is displayed in Berlin (Germany) at the State Museum.

Below is an interesting piece : a sculpted comb bone, found in Oria around 50 BC, showing Achille pulling Hector's body behind him.  It is located in the National archeology Museum of Tarente.

At the end of the 16th century, the French engraver Etienne Delaune did the drawing below, called 'Les Petits Combats : Fight between Achille & Hector'. It can be seen in Strasbourg (France) at the 'Cabinet des Estampes et Dessins'.

During the 18th century, the French painter Hubert ROBERT did 2 very similar paintings about Alexander the Great standing in front of Achille's tomb. The first one is kept in Versailles, at the Lambinet Museum...

... while this one is located in Paris at the Louvre Museum.

 In 1793, John Flaxman did this drawing of Achille in tears. Paris, National Library.
And at the very beginning of the 19th century, in 1801, Jean Auguste Dominique INGRES did the following two drawings of Achille & Patrocle. Located in the Ingres Museum in Vidauban (France).

And some years later, this estampe was done, showing Cupidon on the left, and the dying Achille on the right, by Jean Baptiste WICAR, Jean Baptiste GUYAR, and Claude Louis MASQUELIER.  Located at the Art & Archeology Museum of Senlis (France).

Below is our last drawing about Achille, done by Henri Regnault around 1850. Located in the Louvres Museum, Paris.

The next post will be about some contemporary art pieces about Achille & Patrocle, in both sculptures and other media.

see also first post about Achille & Patrocle (Dec 14).
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