Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Male figurative art gallery : Mooiman gallery in Holland

The Mooiman gallery (Mooi in Dutch language means cute!)  in Holland is specialized in male art / gay art so you will be sure to see lots of male figurative art in all types of media in that commercial gallery, one of the very few in Europe. It is located in Groningen, 2 hours train North of Amsterdam.

Mooiman promotes close to 60 artists from many countries, and organizes regular exhibitions. They maintain an active presence at Art fairs.  Click here for their website.   


You will find below a few names of artists who created gay or male sculptures and are represented by Mooiman gallery.  I will come back in future posts to show more works of some of these sculptors.
Marcel Julius Joosen : Dutch, born in 1943, he considered being a priest but decided to pursue his passion for sculpture. He sculpts nude men, and a lot of African man, to celebrate their beauty. 

Ivo Blanck, German sculptor, made this 'Lust und Last"

Dennis Coenraad, Dutch sculptor, created this 'Approaching silence'.

Hay Wijnoven, Dutch artist, graphic designer, did many sculptures as well, such as this 'Huber' in bronze, sitting on a Belgian limestone.